Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Year Anniversary

I can't believe it has already been a year since I married this wonderful man of mine! I am so lucky to have found such a sweetheart who loves me more than anything. He is so selfless and so honest I can't tell you enough of how he has changed my life and made me feel and believe in love again. Who knew I would be where I was today 2 years ago?? So crazy to think how different my life was then...and how much happier I could be.

No more feelings of pain and anxiety day in and day out...no more hurt at knowing I wasn't good enough or pretty enough. No more coming home and worrying about checking the computer or asking difficult questions that would result in more pain and more hurt in our relationship. Such a HUGE weight lifted from me. To finally feel the spirit fully in my home. To know I am with someone who want's a righteous and good life. Who is clean and pure and loves me as much as I love him. I owe everything to Heavenly Father and His sweet mercy and blessing to have helped me get through such a difficult time so I could find someone who would make things so much better.

So thank you with all the prayers in my heart for leading me to Joey. He is someone I look forward to growing old with...and someone I can see raising my children. He also makes a mean pasta! He surprised me with dinner and homemade pazookies when I got home from work tonight (I had to help with that part a little bit) haha and we had fun keeping the tradition of eating our 1 year old wedding cake! It actually wasn't too bad just a little sticky and old tasting...hahaha we got each other cards (oh and he got me a rose my favorite) :) and we talked the night away remembering the year and planning for our future. It was so nice to enjoy just us being together and remembering how much we love each other. Thanks wuby for making my life amazing and always being there for me. You are and will always be the LOVE of my LIFE.

 When we first met

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Joe City Creek

So behind on posting of events! haha so here is a quicky of Joey and I going to Joecity a couple months back. We went to the local creek and did some cliff jumping and mud fighting you know the usual small town fun stuff! haha it was great! I totally miss that kind fun you only can find in places like this. :) Right after this picture we broke out into a mud fight of justice! haha so fun!  I love that both Joey and I grew up in a small town. Nice to have someone that can appreciate the little things. Sure do love this sweet man. A fun get away with the hubs, always needed. :)  

Joey carried Roxy all the way down the cliffs such a sweetheart! He was so worried about her the whole time. Going to be such a good daddy one day. :)
Roxy loved the mud pretty much rolled in it the whole time! Makes me happy to see her so happy!
My niece Lexi and her man friend haha
It was such a nice pretty day!
My buff sexy man climbing the tower to go jump off the cliff! 
Back flip by Lexis man friend! Amazing! 
Thanks Jocity creek for the good time!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Viva La Mexico!


This post is super behind but I finally had some time to sit down and post about it. :) Joey and I were able to go to Rocky Point with my Brother Jeff and his hot wife Krista and their cuter than beyond kiddos back in May! It was such a blast! So nice of them to invite us! I think Joey was a little scarred from the children's afterwards hahaha but he did so good I was so proud of him! For the most part we just relaxed on the beach and soaked up some sunage. We also got to do an offshore dive which didn't go that great since the tide was going in and out and I got sick bleh...next time we promised to do a boat dive! Joey was so sweet and helpful though he carried all my gear out to the ocean for me and packed everything away when we were done I have such a good husband! 

Our hotel was awesome super nice pool and kitchen area so we could cook in every night and it had beautiful view of the ocean. I loved spending the weekend with them Jeff and Krista just crack me up one of the nights we tried to get our hubby's to have a "romantic" dance with us in the main room and we ended up just laughing and dancing around like goofballs haha. Such a good memory though! Thanks again Krista and Jeff for inviting us we had so much fun! Love you guys tons can't wait to go again!



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stars and Stripes and Housing for life!

We had an awesome fourth of July! We got to spend most of the day with my sister Raech and her family. It was overcast that day but it was so nice! Perfect pool weather! We BBQ and swam for hours haha got some pretty funny jumping into the pool shots I will have to share later when I get them back from my sis! I love their family so much! I miss living with them and all the fun times we had love them all.

We also went shopping for a new house! (renting) but we will finally be out of our FAIL of an apartment I HATE apartment life and so looking forward to getting a bigger place with a yard for Roxy girl! She misses it! We finally found one after a couple of weeks searching (thanks to my bro in law Kirk) finding something with an RV gate (boat), close to work and not to far from my sister haha! So we put in our application this week! It is an older home but in our budget and just the right size! We will be adding a few things like GRASS haha much needed in the front and paint so I can't wait! Keep your fingers crossed woo hoo! 

  Our older but cute little house!  

Saturday, June 23, 2012


K so since I met Joey he has got me hooked on watches! haha he already had a pretty good collection going on before I met him and since then I have bought him 4 watches! HE LOVES them and now I am HOOKED haha Well my sweet man decided to surprise me with a little gift yesterday...and yes ladies JUST because he loves me!! I am so lucky to have such a good man. :) and ONCE again OBSESSED with my new watch! Love love love it! So different from my last two blingity bling ones I just had to show it off. I have such a sweet husband he seriously is the best and most sweetest thing in my life. For so many more things then random awesome gifts of justice haha Thanks hunnybuns for the sweet gift! It is MUY rocktasticness you are the bestest ever!

Side note: My next crafty project is to create something to put all my watches in! Yay for obsessions haha! Here is my collection so far...